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Save Mother Nature

Save Mother Nature
Save Mother Nature
Save Mother Nature
Save Mother Nature
Save Mother Nature

Sea-Bird Commitment Towards Saving Environment
The GLOBAL WARMING has led to increase in mean earth surface temperature and thus MELTING OF POLAR ICE AND GLACIERS OF HIMALAYAN REGION.

There are frequent melt down of glaciers that result in floods and other natural calamities. The melting of ice at the poles has increased the mean sea level. And further increase in temperature will in turn melt more ice, due to which low lying countries will come in circle of danger. Therefore it becomes our moral duty to not contribute in global warming and SAVE OUR MOTHER NATURE.

We Offer Our Products with Eco-friendly Refrigerants viz. R134a, R404a, R410a, R407c, R717 (NH3), R744 (CO2), Hydrocarbons etc.
When we say that Sea-Bird takes a “blue-sky” approach to research and development, it means more than just dreaming of futuristic concepts, Some of our most important R&D efforts are made to ensure bluer skies, cleaner air and clearer water for generation to come. Through our Green Factory program, every Sea-Bird facility is working to REDUCE emissions and energy use, Reuse more raw materials and recycle manufacturing materials, paper and plastic, All Major Sea-bird plants already meet the toughest international environmental management standards (ISO 14001), covering a host of environmental areas such as waste disposal, water treatment and energy use. And yet, Sea-Bird is going green further. As part of our Green Factory program, teams of Sea-Bird associates are setting energy-reduction targets for every area of our operations. Sea-Bird’s Green Factory initiatives have established our manufacturing operations as industry leaders in the efficient use of natural resources with minimal environmental impact.

Sea Bird Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.Sea Bird Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.Sea Bird Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.

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