Suction Line Accumulators

With or without heat exchanger

R134a, R404A, R507A, R407, R22, R410A, R508b, R717, CO2

Suction line accumulators are installed on refrigeration system to prevent refrigerant liquid return to suction line to idled compressors. These systems include the following :

  • System with high temperature differences (discontinuous operation ),
  • Remote systems with long lines,
  • Systems with low evaporator load,
    reversing cycle systems: heat pump and defrost applications.
  • Recommended for low superheat applications such as liquid chillers, low temp. Display cases, truck units, and so on…

Complete separation of the vapour phase and the refrigerant fluid’s liquid phase.
Complete vaporization of the refrigerant liquid when the liquid leaves the Accumulators.
Cooling of the vapour returning to compressor, thus reducing motor warm up.
Pressure equalization at the Accumulators inlet and outlet, even in off cycle periods.
Minimum pressure drop.
Reduced noise on the low pressure side of the system.
Positive oil return.
Maximum efficiency of the relief device (expansion valve) because it is supplied with subcooled liquid.
Enhanced evaporator performance.
Special low temperature welding.

Suction Line Accumulators