Open Type High Speed Compressors

Open Type Reciprocating Compressors AK-2N, AK-4N, WAK-2N, WAK-4N

R22, R134a, R404A, R507, R717 (NH3)

Technical Highlights of SEABIRD

  • This model series has been further developed from the proven two, four and six cylinder series after extensive research.
  • By a number of ways it has been possible to improve again refrigerating performance, efficiently and operating reliability and to conceive once again a further – oriented new compressor generation.
  • Displacement from 15.17 m3/hr to 151.6 m3 /hr
  • Crankshaft with special surface finish. Optimized aluminium piston shape and Chromium – plate piston rings guarantee low frictional losses and long services life.
  • High efficient, extremely robust valve plate design as the result of newly developed valve plat from Germany.
  • Pressure Oil lubrication by means of reversible gear pump.
  • Shaft seal cooled by a pressurized oil stream and also by the suction gas flow resulting in excellent stability and insignificant thermal load, replaceable without dismounting the compressor.

Optional Extra

  • Water-cooled cylinder heads
  • Additional fan
  • Crankcase heaters
  • Adapter for oil and gas equalization
Open Type High Speed Compressors