Rack Units

Standard Inclusions

  • Sea Bird Semi Hermetic Reciprocation Compressors
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Suction gas distribution with liquid protection
  • Oil separator with level sight glasses
  • Return sight glass and filter
  • Mechanical or electronic oil management system with oil injection, safety cut out and alarm
  • Motor Protection Device
  • Liquid receiver with level sight glasses
  • Inlet and outlet isolation valves
  • Provision for electrical board
  • Solid Metal frame
  • Discharge line protection
  • Raised compressor mounts for service
  • High Pressure switch safety per compressor
  • Low Pressure switch common per system
  • IS0 9001 & better Control assembly

Optional Components : available on request

  • Additional pressure controls
  • Suction and /or liquid isolation valves
  • Liquid filled pressure gauges with isolation valves
  • Compressor crankcase heater
  • Liquid receiver level alarm
  • Cylinder head unloading
  • Discharge vibration eliminators (Recommended)


  • Separate Contractor for LP and HP Cutout
  • Electrical board with contractors, overloads Pressure controlled
  • Electronic compressor/condenser management
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Phase failure/ Phase reversal/Voltage and Current unbalance protection devices


  • Sea Bird water cooled
  • Air cooled


Sea Bird Rack SMK Series are equipped with latest Sea bird Semi Hermetic Compressor with Highest possible refrigeration efficiency with flexibility, High energy efficiency, return on investment and Durability have been all considered and perfectly balanced during design and with lowest operation cost for all food retailer, cold room and Blast Freezer. With different compressor combination Sea Bird rack Product are perfect solution to his customer with best economical cost. With well trained staff, Sea Bird is able to provide innovation, reliability and extended operating life through use of each individual component of a best quality and total engineered package for customers.

Common Application for Sea Bird Rack Unit :

  • Food retailers
  • Convenience stores
  • Process cooling and food processing
  • Cold Storage distribution centers
  • Blast Freezers
  • Cold Rooms
  • Cold Storage warehouses
  • Connection to Ice machines
  • Marine on board freezers and cold rooms
  • Large scale plant and flower sheds
Rack Units
Refrigeration Rack Unit    

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