Shell & Tube Condensers

R22, R134a, R404A, R407C, R507, R410a, R508B

  • Capacity from 1.3 tons to 221 tons in two pass and 1.1 tons to 176 tons in four pass condenser
  • Heat-exchanger tubes: made of copper or copper nickel (Seawater-resistant design) with newly developed tube geometric and low fouling profile on the coolant side.
  • Shell and punched plates are made of boiler plate
  • Suitable for (H) CFC/HFC refrigerants
  • Maximum allowable pressure / allowable temperature. Refrigerant side: 33 bar / -100C to 1200C coolant side : 10 bar / -100 (anti-freezing-point) to 950C
  • Detachable, permits mechanical cleaning of the pipes connecting and baffle side are interchangeably
  • Drain plugs
  • Seawater resistant design (optional):
    Copper-Nickel Tube, Plastic Coated End Cover
  • Options :
    • Sight glass
    • Pressure Relief Valve
    • Inlet Rotolock Valve
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger